Amsterdam, July 2012. Take-up in Amsterdam grew by 21% in the second quarter of 2012 compared to the same quarter a year earlier. Take-up in Rotterdam and Eindhoven has fallen.Take-up Last quarter approximately 57,000 m2 was taken up in the Amsterdam region, compared to 47,000 m2 in the same quarter a year earlier. This increase in take-up can be explained by a relatively high number of transactions in Amsterdam South-East and in central Amsterdam.

Take-up decreased significantly in Rotterdam. Take-up in the second quarter was approximately  16,000 m2, compared to 34,400 m2 in the same quarter a year earlier. Take-up in Eindhoven has  dropped to a historically low level. Last quarter it amounted to only 1,200 m², compared to  25,100 m² in the same period a year earlier.

Supply In the Amsterdam region, supply has increased to approximately 1.62 million square  meters, compared to 1.6 million square meters at the end of the first quarter. This has brought  an end to the decline that started in the fourth quarter of 2011. Supply continues to increase in Rotterdam due to a large number of existing and new-build properties that have been added to  overall supply. Supply in Rotterdam rose by 8.5% in the last quarter. Remarkably, the Eindhoven  region has shown a 1.75% decrease in supply, meaning that supply has been stable since the third quarter of 2011.

Take-up in Amsterdam continues to follow a rising trend. In Rotterdam, take-up is relatively stable, while it continues to decline in Eindhoven. We expect a recovery of the take-up level in the third quarter in Rotterdam and Eindhoven due to a number of scheduled relocations. It is expected that the take-up levels in Amsterdam will continue to follow the rising trend.