Colliers International Duesseldorf tracks real estate transactions, lease agreement signings, offers and project information throughout Germany. We provide the latest market data, we look back over a long period of valid, reliable and objective accumulated data, seeing the big picture and highlighting trends.

Having access to transparent, specific information about the real estate market enables you to decide on a fundamental data base. We use our cataloged data to conduct property, project and location analyses and then prepare this information in a way that is customized to your investment and leasing transaction needs.

In addition to our traditional research activities, we also focus on advisory services - conceptual consulting services for land and real estate owners, buyers, sellers and clients looking to lease. These services include creating customized usage concepts, competition analyses, project-specific feasibility studies, precise property analyses, market-oriented concepts and sustainable development strategies. Conceptual real estate consulting services - advisory services by Colliers International Duesseldorf - are key when it comes to portfolio optimization, project development and deciding whether to buy or sell. Our interdisciplinary team of experienced real estate experts will assist during your decision process.

Find out more about our advisory services. We look forward to your questions and comments!