The City of Aarhus has after an invitation to tender selected the advisory and commercial real estate company Colliers International Danmark A/S to secure and manage the rental of approx. 10.000 m2 premises in DOKK1 (previously referred to as Multimediehuset).

DOKK1, which shoots up the ground right now, is the name of an unique and voluminous ’house’ constructed by the City of Aarhus in partnership with Realdania and Realdania Byg A/S.

The building will hold a total of 35.000 m2 and will be one of the most distinctive and spectacular buildings in Aarhus.

“We are thrilled to be chosen to advise the City of Aarhus in connection with the rental of the 10.000 m2 facilities not used for the central library and citizens service” says certified real estate agent Jan Nickelsen from Colliers.

”We see these facilities as the epitome of the ”city’s best” areas and are now to discuss with a number of companies as well as perhaps some public institutions about the possibility of becoming tenants in the building, which we expect will be the new center in Aarhus,” continues Jan Nickelsen.

”DOKK1 is designed by the successful architects SHL (Schmidt, Hammer, Lassen Architects) and builds on the vision of human development, experience, learning and inspiration in a unique and attractive building,” says Niels Vad Sørensen, who is project manager on behalf of the City of Aarhus.

Cand. Jur. Michael O. Andreassen, Colliers, highlights the building’s access to unique infrastructure and says, ”it is literally a future ’House’ located in the very centre of Aarhus, but at the same time at the quayside of an inspiring maritime port environment. In connection a total of approx. 1.000 parking spaces are established, as well as a light rail station, which will be the junction of the local infrastructure in the future. DOKK1 is also a beautiful, exciting, inviting and challenging construction and environment, which makes this tasks so special,” concludes Michael O. Andreassen.

DOKK1 will from the turn of the year 14/15 be a jolly place and will bring to Aarhus another unique element to the delight of locals and visitors.