The process of restructuring a company may be down to a number of different factors. Over the last few years we have been increasingly called upon to advise lenders in distressed real estate situations, where they are considering or wish to appoint Fixed Charge Receivers under their mortgage charge.

Services we provide:


  • Borrower liaison
  • Valuation/appraisal update
  • Review of alternative options to receivership, if any
  • Review of potential receivership strategies
  • Advice on receivership cost implications
  • SWOT analysis
  • Assist lender to review and obtain necessary documents to ensure smooth post appointment management and disposal.


Post appointment:

  • Statutory and legal requirements, including health & safety risk and environmental assessments if appropriate
  • Review and set strategy with lender’s approval to maximise value and minimise loss
  • Take full control of property
  • Collect rents and insure
  • Manage the property
  • For part-completed developments, consider build-out and implement where appropriate
  • Enhancement through lease regearing
  • Advise on ‘optimum’ time to release property
  • Maximisation of realisation and minimisation of cost.


Why choose our Corporate Restructuring team?

  • A highly experienced team complemented by specialist teams throughout the UK
  • We develop and implement strategies where possible to protect and enhance value and realisations
  • We provide bespoke advice that is tailored to individual cases across all sectors and locations
  • We provide a fast, responsive and cost-effective service.