In addition to its commercial and private real estate brokerage, Colliers International in Austria has set up a new service group focused on real estate development in 2005. The new department specializes in acquiring, realizing (including ground-up development if suitable) and disposing of properties in all segments of the real estate spectrum.

Since the beginning of 2005, real estate development is being introduced into the existing company structure. Decades of experience are being used in order to achieve the maximum possible profit for investors, banks and business partners.

The range of projects extends from basic developments of rental apartment buildings to ground-up developments as large as 150,000 sqm (1,600,000 sqft). The company's strategy evolves around the realization of a few properties per year and the establishment of a small group of regular investors who share the company's vision to sell 50% of the projects developed and retain the remainder in order to secure a permanent cash flow for the investors and the developer.