We provide a complete range of residential property management services in 23 localities nationally, and now manage more than 72,000 homes.

Why choose us? Well, here's a shortlist of things our clients really like.

Our pricing is clear and straight forward – you know exactly what you’re paying for. Pricing of foreseen regular tasks is pre-agreed without complicated lists of additional charges.

When partnering with us, housing companies gain substantial volume benefits in procurement. Our resources and versatile expertise make us a safe choice for your housing company.

We also offer our clients, by far, the best online property management service in Finland.

In addition to serving all shareholders, the Ovenia online property management system offers the board of a housing company a fully up-to-date online view to housing company finances and management. The housing company’s rental ledgers, purchases and even minutes of meetings can be browsed directly and safely online.

Our online management system means smoother service and higher quality property management for housing company residents as a whole. In 2013, our online property management was awarded the Property Management Enterprise of the Year prize by the Finnish Real Estate Management Federation.

We are an energetic and skilled group of professionals who listen carefully to our clients. We attend to their needs with dedication and determination. So, why don't you give us a try!