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Chile Office

El Regidor 66, Piso 12
Las Condes, Santiago, Chile

Tel: +56 2 496 1500


The elite team of specialists Colliers International investment, analyzes how the acquisition, ownership or disposition of a property can accelerate the success of our clients' financial portfolio.

Through a manager as single point of contact and collaboration with specialists, we offer a wide range of services for every stage of the property cycle, such as:

1. Investment Strategy. Your real estate investment advisor is your strategic partner in achieving their financial goals. Investment properties vary widely in yields, the risk profile, the amount of care required, the development potential and liquidity. Therefore, our first step in any requirement is fully understand your objectives and needs for an investment property.

We build a collaborative investment profile according to their resources and needs to ensure you have access to any suitable investment opportunity within your target geographic area. Later pre qualify each investment using financial models to project performance and historical market information to calculate your current and potential value.

2. Acquisitions and Due Diligence. Once it identifies an investment property, we analyze the property documentation and contracts to understand current and future obligations as risk scenarios based expirations for leases, deferred maintenance, and through a management assessment and current performance of the property.

Our valuation team provides fast documentation, accurate and well founded to justify the current value of the property and also has an overview of market dynamics and how factors such as government regulation, development of infrastructure and new construction may affect long term values.

We also use the audit of contracts to discover and capture potential revenue streams, which have proven to be determining factors for many of our investors and that directly affect the net operating income of the property.