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Diego Castillo

Acting Manager | Industrial Division

El Regidor 66 - Piso 12
Las Condes
Santiago, Región Metropolitana

Oficina: +56 2 2496 1550

Celular: +569 50048541


Diego is a business administration graduate from the Universidad de Chile. He has led sales teams for national and international companies before joining Colliers in 2016 as a broker in the industrial business. In 2017 he was promoted to deputy manager of the industrial division, focusing on delivering sales, leasing and location service for industrial parks and warehousing centers for prominent national and international clients.
May 14 - May 16: HEMISFERIO SUR SA (Account / Product Manager)
• Responsible for the commercial area of the new business line of the company.
• Involved in all the primary activities of the company's value chain.
• Close relationship with international suppliers, logistics and domestic customers.
• Analysis of studies, identifying opportunities and a business plan for new product lines.
• Strong involvement in bidding projects through administrative, technical and economic research.
• Planning, administration and management of awarded projects.
• Search and development of new businesses.
Oct 13 - Dec 13: HEAVI TREE
• Involved in all the operational and organizational processes of the company dedicated to the agricultural sector in New Zealand
Apr 13 - Jun 13: SUPERBID (Internship)
• Responsible for the evaluation, budget and improvements of the physical location, where clients withdraw sold assets
• Help in tasks involved in the commercial area and operations
• Provided accounting assistance for a 2010 audit
• Business plan for the import and sale of nonalcoholic wines in Chile
Mar 12 - Jul 12: GOURMEAT
• Help manage client services.
Lead and manage sports activities for 150 children.


- National score in the Mathematics PSU test.
- Business Plan to import nonalcoholic wines in Chile, obtaining a grade of 6.5.
- Traveled the world for around 10 months.


Brokerage: Landlord Representation, Business Brokerage, Industrial and Logistics


Commercial Engineer with a major in Business Administration at University de Chile

-33,41567200 -70,59638500


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