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Started at Colliers International June 2012. Have build up a large portfolio of different offices for rent in the Oslo region. As from now, august 2015, I'm Head of Tenant Representation in Oslo. I can halp to locate the right offices for a tenant in the Oslo region.



  • Signed contract with Stahl Syberg AS on behalf of Colliers Property Management ARS in Luhrtoppen 2 on a total space of 1.700 sqm.
  • Signed contract with Propel AS on Behalf of Aberdeen Asset Management Norway AS in Luhrtoppen 2 on a total space of 260 sqm.
  • Signed contract with The Georgian Embassy of Norway on behalf of P.S. Eiendom AS in Pilestredet 15B on a total space of 260 sqm.
  • Signed contract with TRY AS on behalf of P.S. Eiendom AS in Kristian Augusts gate 5 on a total space of 295 sqm.
  • Signed contract with USA Spesialisten AS on behalf of Torp Eiendom AS in Dronningens gate 17 on a total space of 288 sqm.
  • Signed contract with Gasa arkitekter AS on behalf of Ulnica AS in Møllergata 12 on a total space of 600 sqm.
  • Signed contract with K2 Shipping AS on behalf of Ugland Eiendom AS in Universitetsgata 10 on a total space of 270 sqm.



Brokerage: Tenant Representation, Office


P.S. Eiendom, Aberdeen Asset Management, Oslo Areal, Alliance, Søylen, Torp Eiendom, Colliers Property Management


Economy and Administration from Handelshøyskolen BI.



  • We are very satisfied with the job Colliers did leasing out our office premises at Akersgata 16. Colliers found a new tenant very fast and that matched our expectations. Cilje Stubsrud Midsona Norge AS

  • NBBL experience that Colliers manages the rental process in a professional and effective way so that we as a client can concentrate on our core business, knowing that the rental process is well looked after. Dag-Helge Kleven NBBL

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