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Arjen Ouwehand works as a Senior Consultant at the Research and Consultancy team of Colliers International in the Netherlands. He joined Colliers in 2016 and before that he worked for about eight and a half years for WPM Group as a Research Consultant as well.

Within the Research team Arjen specialized in data driven real estate issues, like portfolio / property analysis, consumer and tenant surveys, e.g. In his daily work Arjen distinguished by turning medium and large sets of data into useful and meaningful analysis. The development of the REMS Retail Dashboard is a good example.


Arjen specialized in the Dutch retail and office markets. Besides his more abstract data analysis Arjen also wrote several articles concerning the Dutch Retail market and gave some presentations about the marketing of office areas.


Research Services, Area Development, Data Centres, High Street Retail, Investment Properties, Portfolios, Project Marketing, Retail Management, Retail Park, Shopping Centres, Supermarkets, Town Planning, Office, Retail


Master of Science in Urban Planning at Utrecht University

Multiple courses, like Analyzing and Visualizing Data with Excel, QlikView Designer, communications, presentations, e.g.


In real estate data becomes more and more important, but big data alone does not lead to true knowledge and understanding. It requires expertise and vision. This leads to a twofold approach: top-down and bottom-up. On the one hand data has to be converted into useful and meaningful analysis and secondly practical market knowledge has to be introduced as well. In summary, research is more than just making an analysis. In addition to actual skills and knowledge, this requires constant ingenuity and creativity. Precisely in this area Arjen differs in its approach.

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